April 23, 2014

June is NOT the best time to launch a new blog!

Hey all, I wanted to touch base with you all on a personal note. I started this website a week before my son went on summer vacation, which apparently is NOT the correct time to start a new blog :)  Many you know that this is my second blog so finding time for it was lacking this summer. My primary blog is iamthatlady.com, which focuses on teaching people how to save money, freebies, deals, and many more fun things!

Two of my 3 children are now in school which has freed up more time for me to focus more on this blog again, YAY!  So, yes I was slacking because it was summer vacation, but NO I am not gone forever.

I have some fun things in the works for this website but most of all I want it to be an outlet for those of us with Gluten Issues to learn how to save money!

If you are new to eating Gluten-Free make sure you check out my list of Gluten-Free foods that you we typically see coupons for and stay tuned for more deals!

Thanks for your patience and can’t wait to get to know most of you more!

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