April 19, 2014

The Correlation between Gluten Sensitivity and Coffee

My friend Sarah sent me an article today about The Correlation between Gluten Sensitivity and Coffee.  I have to admit that I am VERY addicted to coffee, not only do I love the taste of it, but it’s a social thing for me and my husband.

When I read this article about the correlation between Gluten Sensitivity and Coffee is made sense to me because I have stomach issues every morning after  I chug drink my morning cup.  But it also made me a little nervous to be honest.  How do I quit coffee – It’s almost like I am mourning even the idea of it.

So I am asking the readers – do you still continue to drink coffee or have you quit drinking it since finding out about Gluten Issues?  Any tips for me?


  1. I don’t have a (diagnosed) gluten sensitivity, but I have inflammatory bowel issues, and I can drink caffeinated tea with no problems. If I drink coffee though (a guilty pleasure) I am guaranteed not just one but several bad days.

    I find Chai Latte or Numi’s Chocolate Puerh tea to be good substitutes because they both contain caffeine and they both have that smooth richness of coffee.

  2. It is entirely possible there is a correlation between the two. Myself I rarely drink coffee and have a problem with gluten. So honestly I think there is a lot behind it. Mostly getting a healthy gut and even then you still may not be able to do gluten….ugh.